Technology that makes managing your buildings transparent

Individual Owners, Tenants and Residents

Transparency over what is happening within the building
  • Access to basic building FAQ's and building rules.
  • Access to cre critical documents for all owners
  • Visibility of maintenance calendar
  • Improved communications from owner / committee
  • Everything is available online - no reliance on someone else for obtaining info
Improved community
  • Community notice board to enable individuals to share info accross all residents, tenants and owners within the building
  • You can easily track the performace of the building, building manager and committee
  • You can easily track the performace of the building, building manager and committee
  • That there is one easy to use portal you can find all fundamental info
  • You can trust your building is professional managed at all levels

Individual building/BC

Minimises owner or officer risk
  • Automated H&S
  • All emails stored by Role & available for all future owners & officers
  • Document can't be lost
Improved communication
  • Centralised email system
  • Templated reports & Newsletters
  • Bulk communication platform
Knowledge & building memory maintained
  • Saves all those hard learnt lessons
  • Document storage
  • No deletions
  • FAQ's & building info stored centrally
  • Critical compliance requirements easily viewable

Building property managers

Access to key information where ever you are
  • Internet based platoform
  • Access to all documents via phone, tablet or pc
  • Ability to communicate anytime anywhere with all owners, residents, contractors etc
  • Individual apartment info stored centrally
Saves time
  • Minimises the need for residents to contact BM/PM for basic information
  • Bulk communications
  • Documents online and searchable
  • Building knowledge stored in one place enableing ease of leave & relief
  • Calendar visible by all residents enabling improved awareness & notification of activities in & around the building
  • Templated reports, Newsletters, Notices
Minimise H&S legislative risk
  • Automated H&S document managment system

Multiple building owners & managers

Ease of visibilty accross all buildings in real time
  • One click access to any building an individual is authorised to view
  • Centralised email system
  • Document tagged & searchable by keyword
  • Automated alert when a contractor is not H&S compliant
Manages legislative requirements
  • Automated H&S document management system
  • Contractor management
Ease of communication
  • Templated docs - Newsletter report notices.
  • Bulk email by user type - Owner, Resident, Contractor etc.
Reduces the need for paper & maual filing
  • Documents can be save to central portal from mailer
  • Documents can never be deleted only archived
  • Visibility by user authority which you control
  • Bulk communication capabilities
  • Email by role not user so as individuals move on all email history retained & transferrable.
Integration into other systems
  • Via api can link to work order management systems.
Staying competitive.
  • Clients are demanding greater transaprency
  • Improving productivity
  • Need for immediate access to info
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Key features and benefits


  • The mailer allows you to send and receive email to and from building role specific email addresses.

  • Emails sent and received through bcvault will be kept forever and associated with their roles.

  • Mass emails can be sent to all building contacts such as contractors, owners and tentants.

  • Attachments can be downloaded or directly stored in the bcvault filemanager.

File manager

  • The file manager is a place to keep building documents organised and in safe.

  • Custom tags can be created to easily keep track of and search for files and folders.

  • Files and folders can be given permissions for different users.

  • Files can be attached directly to emails from the filemanager.

Health & Safety agreements

  • Automated emails will periodically go out to contractors registered in the building contacts.

  • Contractors will be linked to a portal where they can complete site access requirements.

  • Once a contractor has completed the agreement the building manager will be notified to approve access.

  • Once access has been approved or denied the contractor will be notified.

Asset management

  • Keep track of of assets with details such as location, condition, serial numbers, purchase dates, cost, life span, waranty etc.

  • Create work orders and store files against your assets.

  • Keep assets organised and searchable with the category manager.

Info & community

  • Public FAQ's page will be available to tenants and owners specific to a building.

  • Public notice board where tenants and owners can post information.

  • Building info where admin can keep key info about a building.

  • Registers and reports to keep records of all activity for a building.

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Why BC Vault was developed

The BCVault operating system was designed as result of a wish list drawn up by a group of experienced Building Managers and in consultation with Body Corporate Chair People and apartment owners within the Auckland Body Corporate market.

By working with this group and input from other industry bodies and experts, we believe we have developed a simple, secure and easy to use system to manage all of a body corporates affairs.

Transparency and Communication

The BCVault includes an online portal accessible by all owners of a particluar body corporate. The Body Corporate Committee and Building Manager are able to directly input information through the tagging system into the portal quickly and easily, ensuring there is no duplication of documents.

This tool enables the Body Corporate Committees to publicise information from a specific document such as the LTMP that is relevant to all owners and ensures owners have access to a wide range of information if they so choose to use it.

Health and Safety

BCVault offers peace of mind, by providing an automated system for managing and collecting the critical documents from your contractors that they need to provide you every year.

The BCVault ensures that you have the basic information at your disposal to verify contractors have the appropriate processes to meet worksafe requirements.

The system will also alert you if any contractor fails to provide the information or fails to renew each year.

BC Vault would like to thank the Callaghan Fund and
the Ecentre Massey for their help and support